The idea of a new van has been floating around in our minds for a while now. Whilst our VW T5 makes a super practical family vehicle, its camping capabilities had been reduced to “makes a good roadside brew” due to the descent of two minions into our midst.

The VW is too small?

The rock ‘n’ roll bed hasn’t been used on any of our more recent camping trips, with me coercing a begrudging Ian to join the girls in the tent, rather than the comfortable (almost) ready to go bed in the van.

This was obviously to ensure the girls didn’t get eaten by wolves, kill each other, be strangled or suffocated by their sleeping bags, freeze to death, wander lost into the campsite, or be snatched by any neighbouring tent dwellers; or in other words it gave my over active imagination a better peace of mind! The other reason for not pulling out the bed each night was pure laziness – it meant we didn’t have to put it away again each morning (and wrestle with the car seats) before setting off on our adventures.

Hmm, we’ve had an idea

Several camping trips later, huddled in the warmth of Ian’s parent’s motorhome, ideas were bandied about for a new van – a bigger, better one and what “elements” it would have inside. In true Ian style, within days of this conversation he had not only found, but bought a new van!

So enter our new ‘silver’ Ford Transit L4 H3 Van. Having lived her first life as a mule for audio visual equipment she had her fair share of cosmetic damage, where her previous less-than-careful owners had thrown lighting and stage equipment in her and hauled her to various parts of the UK.

Ready for a complete makeover, she quickly earned her new name due to Ian’s insistence of being able to tick all his boxes, thus achieving the moon on the stick. As luck would have it, the technical name for her colour is Moondust Silver.

Welcome to the family Luna!

Here’s a short introduction to Luna